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Terme Ptuj
Ptuj is the oldest town in Slovenia. It is a sort of museum in the small because most of the city center is under monumental protection and when you walk the streets, you'll know why is Ptuj called the treasury of the millennium.

Here Roman legions grinder their spears , and a Slavic soul found a new home. In the Middle Ages Ptuj was an important trading town, and during the Hapsburg Monarchy a city of a lagodnog life.

Today you have to stay at Terme Ptuj, the oldest thermal center of Slovenia, you can afford a vacation in the style of the ancient Romans, going down the biggest slide in Slovenia, playing golf in beautiful countryside, visit the oldest wine cellar, explore the oldest Slovenian city, dancing with the Carnival parade. They say that if You would drill a hole anywhere in the city center You would fall straight into its underground hallways. Want to check?

Thermal Park with indoor and outdoor swimming pool covers 4200m ² of water surface with a curative, low-mineral water. There are twelve  pools available,wave pool, water slides, water-air massage and whirlpool's, and slow river. Thermal Park is famous for the longest slide in Slovenia. You can relax in sauna, massages, baths, paraffin and various therapies. Indoor Thermal Park covers an area of 2100m ²  water surface. Six swimming pools - something for everyone: the recreational swimming pool, the youngest in a baby pool, brave ones on the winter slide and outdoor swimming pool, and for those who search peace underwater massage in two whirlpools and a therapeutic pool.

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