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Ski resort Tarvisio

Tarvisio is located in Val Canale to 754 meters.

On Mount Oven is the triple border where they meet the boundaries of Italy, Austria and Slovenia.
Nearby: Mount Lussari, Lakes Fusineed and the Lake Predil.

The resorts ski more known in the vicinity Sella Nevea, Nassfeld, Camporosso ... as well the Ice Palace of Pontebba.

Until 1919 the population of the town was a large majority in the German and Slovenian (this can be seen today in the names of many Tarvisio: Kravina, Mischkot, Ehrlich). Even in the popular traditions therefore stands out clearly the Austrian and Slovenian culture, present at the time of the Habsburg Empire: the folk festival being felt by the people is the feast of St. Nicholas and Krampus one of which is held every year on December 5 in all the surroundings of Tarvisio.

The majority of the population today is Italian but are always present the Slovene minority and Germany. Tarvisio can claim to be a common one in four in Europe: there is indeed speak Italian, German, Slovenian and Friulian.


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