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Ski resort Kronplatz
Kronplatz is one of the most popular ski resorts in Europe. It has received it's name from the peaks of the mountains that reminds on a cock crest with it's shape and because of it the red cock is the symbol of the ski resort. The ski paths in Kronplatz spread trough the Dolomite Alps of the South Tyrol that borders with Austria. The recognisable sign of Kronplatz is the sound of the biggest bell in the Alps on the peak. With more than 300 sunny days in one year Kronplatz is one of the most beautiful ski resort in Europe.


Kronplatz is situated on a highness of 2275 m above sea, and it's surrounded by 13 tourist places in which you can find numerous apartments and rooms in private accommodation. If you are more interested in hotel accommodation you can check in some of the hotels near the ski paths or in the little private family hotels in the neighbourhood.

Bruneck, St. Vigil in Enneberg, Olang, St. Lorenzen, Gsieser Tal / Welsberg / Taisten, Pfalzen, Rasen im Antholzertal, Kiens, Terenten, Antholzertal, Gais-Uttenheim, St. Martin in Thurn

In many restaurants that are placed in that area you can relax, eat some or simply enjoy in the view on the marvellous mountains. All the ski paths on Kronplatz are highly equipped and modernised. The length of the longest path is 7,5 km and it includes a total of 4 ski paths. 31 wires that have modern and different transportation cabins facilitate the transportation between different paths.


The regular investments in the ski resort ensure each year new paths and wires. If you are interested in having fun Kronplatz offers many coffee shops, bars and disco clubs that will not disappointed you.


Kronplatz is recommended for skiers that like to ski on high quality ski paths and it's also an ideal resort for families.

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