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Brotnjo is  a region situated on the southwest of Bosnia and Hercegovina.  It extends from the borders of the town of Mostar through the valley of the river Neretva on the southeast up to the borders of Siroki Brijeg, Ljubuski and Capljina on the northwest.Most of the territorial area of Brotnjo concurs with the area of the commune of Citluk.For the first time Brotonjo is mentioned in a 7 centuries old documents. Even in the middle age it was a significant transit spot connected with the other parts of the country, also the ancient roman roads were passing trough it.

Trough ages on this area are conserved numerous Illyrian stacks and ramparts, roman temples, ruins from the antique and roman period, middle-aged and old Croatians burned churches, old Turkish towers, numerous different tombstones, those "stone sleepers" that testify of a rich, rapturous and artistic inspired life on this area.

The town of Čitluk, nowadays a community, starts to develop in the 30's of the twentieth century in an administrative centre of Brotnjo.  Today Čitluk is a place with a elementary and high school, economical, traffic, sport and cultural centre.  A vine and a tobacco are the main agricultural products that from generation are cultivated and a "business for living" of the local people.  Today in Čitluk and in the region of Brotnjo you can enjoy in high quality vines of the autochthon sort of Žilavka and Blatina, and in this way taste and feel the conjunction of nature, tradition and quality.

A Mediterranean clime with warm summers and gentle winters allows the development of various agricultural products. The just mentioned vine, figs, almonds, orange and olive trees that gave a special warm and tame looks of the countryside and people that live in it.

Coming into this area you will feel peace and the grace of living, a harmony between nature and human beings. So, whether you come as a pilgrim, sportsman, business or you are visiting it for other reasons the hospitable habitants of this area will do anything to make You fell comfortable and will make Your stay a truly pleasure.

A unique touristic, economical and cultural manifestation is the Vintage days, held from 1955. Every autumn are shown the seasonal products: grape, vine, fruits and gather many groups that exhibit the richness of the folklore of this region. 

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