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On a little island in the middle of a shallow lagoon, distant from the city of Zadar only 14 km, is located the historic town of Nin. Nin is the oldest town in Croatia. The area of the town was inhabited since from the Liburnian, and for centuries was a significant harbor in this part of the Adriatic sea. After the destruction of the town, due to a historic battles in 1571. and 1646., when Nin was completely ruined and destroyed, it's renovating constantly for centuries and today has approximately 1700 inhabitants.

The city of Nin is composed by 5 settlements: Nin. Nin Stanovi, Grbe, Zaton and Žerava. The guests that come in the old part of Nin can enter through one of the two bridges and after the main town gates  and start their visit to the old walls and other valuable city monuments. One of the most known monuments is for sure the little curch of Saint Nicholas from the 12th century.

One of the original well-known specialty is for sure Sokol, an authentic dry meat product alike dry ham.

Nin offers to its visitors different possibilities of accommodations, starting with a modernly edited tourist settlement to the hotel accommodation and accommodation in private houses.

The little island- placed town of Nin is a destination of many visitors, due to its rich history and it's marvelous sandy beaches.

When the guests comes in this eminent town and when they think about all the cultures and the historically significant moments that happened here, it's overcome with an unusual feeling of admiration and respect.

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