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Elaphits are a group of in-line positioned islands in the South Dalmatia. They had recived their name from the greek river Elaphos, which means deer, because of their capes that have a shape of the deer's horns. Elaphits are a group of islands of which three of them are the most significant ones: Sipan, Kolocep and Lopud. Except Kolocep, Lopud and Sipan in this group also belong the islands Saint Andrew, Ruda, Daksa, Misnjak, Jakljan, Kosmec, Golec, Crkvine, Tajan and Olip. The islands are situated in a mediterranean clime area with hot and dry summers. The islands are covered with a characteristic vegetation and they rapresent a unique beauty on the entrance in the city of Dubrovnik on it's west side. The turists that are visiting the Elaphiti islalnds are coming from Germany, Italy, Chec Republic, Austria and especially from Slovenia. On the islands of Lopud and Sipan the hotel accomodation is beeing renowated quickly. The major number of guests are visiting the costal area, the so called bathing area. The beaches of the Elaphiti islandas are 65km long, while the sandy beach line is 1km long.

The Sipan island is the biggest island of the ones in the Elaphiti group, inhabitated since the prethistoric era. In the inner part of the island are spreaded numerous debris fields that  are openigng on the west and east  and as those make a deep  debris bays. On the west coast is situated the place of Sipanska luka while on the east coast  the is a  place of Sudurad. On the Sipan island are located a few private houses with apartments for guests. The houses are built with stone, typical for this area.

The Lopud island is situated on the northwest from Dubrovnik. It's the second one of the Elaphits islands concering the surface, and it's situated between the islands of Sipan and Kolocep, which is why in the middle ages was called "insula media" (lat. the island in the middle). The Lopud island is the most developed Elaphit, on which is situated the sandy beach Sunj. On each step you an see a medieval forts and chappels that evoke a history of this island. Lopud is a peaceful island suitable for a peaceful vacation. In the homonimus place You can see old stone houses with apartments for the turists, surronuded by cypress, palms and subtropical plants. On the island is also located a wide gravel beach .

The island of Kolocep is the one nearest to Dubrovnik. Two are the places located on this island- Gornje and Donje Celo. Unlike most Adriatic islands Kolocep is rich with fertile ground and water, numerous spicies of bush-plants and high trees. The clear blue sea surrounds the island. In the history Kolocep was known as an island of fishermans and coral masters, and today here is situated the signed fishing area  rich with lobsters and crayfishes.

The turistic advantages that the Elaphits have are the vicinity of the main land , the thing that are belonging to a wider area of the town of Dubrovnik, the conserved enviroment and many others. The Elaphits are an ideal destination for the guests that want enjoy in a nature withouth cars, noise and daily stress. It's an ideal place for those who want to runaway from the daily rush to a peaceful piece of paradise.

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