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Herceg Novi
Herceg Novi is located on an extremely significant and attractive position, between the mount Orjent (1895m) and the entrance in the one of the most beautiful bays of Montenegro, Boka Kotorska.
Herceg Novi is also called a sun city, because of a high quantity of the sunny days throught the year, and is also recognizable for the mimose and the numerous staircases. At the end of Jenuary the whole city smells of a gentle parfume of the mimose, so the Mimosa's day is dedicated to this flower.
The centre of Herceg Novi-zhe old town- is enriched of an amazing sculptures that arused throught the rich history. Sehat and Kanli - towers and the forts of Spanjola and Forte- are just  a part of the historic heritage of this surroundings.
The riviera of Herceg Novi spreads along a 25 km long coast and includes 7 placec, turistic centres: Meljine, Zelenika, Kumbor, Đenovici, Baosici, Bijela, Kamenari, Luštrica, Igalo.
Meljine is a tourist placethat is distant 3km on east of Herceg Novi. The most significant cultural and historical value is the one of the place of Lazaret, that dates from the 1732.
Igalo is known as a Mediterranean healthy centre that was built 1950. The special significance lies in the curative mud that is derivated from the sea bottom. The gentle climatic conditions and  a 2 km long sandy beach are just some of the reasons to visit Igalo.
Kumbor is a location on the north coast of the kumbor bay, known for it's five star tourist complex. from Kumbor till the place of Kamenari is spreaded a 3km long sandy beach. Kamenari are located 15 km from the Herceg Novi in the channel verige. The place recived it's name , as a legend says, from the masters that worked with the rocks and called themselves kamenari (rock men).
Zelenika is a place situated 4,5 km at east of Herceg Novi. The name comes from the mediterranean plant "zelenika". Here was built the first hotel in Montenegro in 1902.
Luštica is a peninsula that is situated on the entrance of the bay if Boka Kotorska, exactly on it's right side. Because of it's extremely developed coastline that is 35 km long, that represents a 12% of the total coastline of Montenegro. Luštica is known for it's olive trees, it's olive oil, the ham, the cheese and the brandy. Here are situated the most attractive excursion places and beaches of the riviera of Herceg Novi: Žanjic, Mirište, Arza and Dobreč.
Boka Kotorska is the largest bay of the Adriatic Sea. It's deeply engraved under the slopes of Lovćena and Orjent. It becomes in the bay of Herceg Novi, that tears in the Kumbors channel, and from it goes till the Tivatin bay, and through the Verige bay enters in the Risan and Kotor Bay. Boka Kotorska is surrounded by this places - Njivice, Igalo, Herceg Novi, Savina, Meljine, Zelenika, Kumbor, Đenovići, Baošić, Bijela, Kamenari, Morinj, Risan, Perast, Ljuta, Kotor, Prčanj, Tivat, Krtole, Krašići, radovići, Rose.

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