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Osijek, a city and port on the right bank of the Drava river, 25 km upstream of its confluence into the Danube in eastern Slavonia. The largest city in eastern Croatia Osijek had the town statues towards the end of the 17th century. Since then, its administration has been developing according to the standards of all developed central European cities. The cultural life was mainly related to the theatres first the appearances of various theatre ensembles, the museums (the first museum was opened in 1877 by private donations), collections and printing houses (the Franciscans), and the social life, whose development was accompanied by prosperous economy and developed trade relations, was related to religious festivities, public events (fairs), entertainment and sports. The development of tourism was facilitated by the notable cultural and historical heritage (the Baroque-style Tvra, one of the most attractive structures of the entire Slavonia), and the geographical location of the town on the Drava river.

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