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Ljubuski is a city that belongs to maritime Hercegovina. This city, according to documents, was first mentioned in the year 1444 under the name Lubussa. The municipality of Ljubuski has a population of around 30,000 people. Along with the well-known rugged Hercegovenian relief, Ljubuski has many luscious fields; Ljubusko, Veljacko, Rastok, and Beris which are all watered by the river with three names, Tihaljina-Mlade-Trebizat, where two beautiful waterfalls lie, Kravice and Kocusa, and many swimming spots. The city lies near significant roadways which lead to Mostar (36km), Makarska (55km), Split (120km), Dubrovnik (130km) and Sarajevo (170km). Ljubuski is an area that has an abundant amount of water which in turn makes it rich in flora and fauna. All in all, it was populated in the pre-historic era which is proven by findings of stone, bones and metal which are all preserved in the museum of Humac in the Franciscan monastery, the oldest museum in Bosnia and Hercegovina, established in the year 1884.

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